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English 90853 (1.9) Information literacy

This unit supports internal assessment for English Achievement Standard 90853: Use information literacy skills to form conclusion(s).

English 90853 (1.9) - Information Literacy - Support Guide

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English 90853 (1.9) - Information Literacy - Resource Framework

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Links to the relevant stage of inquiry resource can be found below:

1. Stage of Inquiry - Open

2. Stage of Inquiry - Immerse

3. Stage of Inquiry - Explore

4. Stage of Inquiry - Identify

5. Stage of Inquiry - Gather

6. Stage of Inquiry - Create

There are two separate resources here, although they are similar in structure.

  • Seeking Recommendations offers students a more specific and authentic context in which to ground their inquiry.
  • The Demon Drink let's students choose a context of their own (related to the general topic of alcohol consumption). 

7. Stage of Inquiry - Share

Additional Reading for Teachers - Information Literacy

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Conducting Classroom Discussions

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