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English 91107 (2.10) Analysing alcohol advertisements

A unit of work critically engaging with alcohol advertisements, which
supports internal assessment for English Achievement Standard 99107:
Analyse aspects of visual and/or oral texts through close viewing and/or
listening, supported by evidence.

Disclaimer for this resource: Please note that the Ministry of Education is in the process of reviewing and making changes to NCEA achievement standards. This Tūturu resource will be impacted by this review. Tūturu will update this resource to be aligned with MOE’s proposed implementation plan of 2023 (Level 1), 2024 (Level 2), and 2025 (Level 3). For further information, see here.

English 91107 (2.10) - Analysing Alcohol Adverts - Assessment Resource

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English 91107 (2.10) - Analysing Alcohol Adverts - Teaching Resource

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