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Thinking critically about the marketing of energy drinks and/or vaping products

The central focus for learning is the way energy drinks and vaping products are marketed to young people. It challenges students to think critically about the messages in advertising and other indirect methods of promoting energy drinks and vaping products, and teaches them to respond in ways that promote wellbeing

Thinking critically about energy drinks and vaping

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Supplementary material 

This additional material makes suggestions about which activities could sit at different levels of learning across years 9-13 to develop an overall progression of learning achievement. This helps avoid the same vaping and energy drinks activities being repeated across different year levels. 

It is not expected that many lessons will focus specifically on vaping and/or energy drinks specifically for any single year level, and that consideration of alcohol and/or other substance use, will feature alongside this focus.  

Progression of learning for students years 9-13

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