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English 90852 (1.8) Connections across texts

These resources support internal assessment for English Achievement Standard 90852.

This unit supports internal assessment for English Achievement Standard 90852: Explain significant connection(s) across texts, using supporting evidence.

After introducing the key concepts, Kendrick Lamar’s song ‘Swimming Pool’ is used as a starting point for discussion and as a model for gathering opinions and evidence.

This approach could be used on the other texts included with the unit, and on the student-selected text which is required for this standard. Taught this way, the unit is self-contained or stand-alone.

However, while the unit can be offered independent of other teaching and learning, it also demonstrates how work towards this standard can be integrated into a year-long programme with the theme ‘Choices’. Within this theme, students develop an understanding of ‘how to discern truthful information from deceptive or unhealthy alcohol messages’.

To that end, each of the texts is approached in different contexts: the film Perks of Being a Wallflower as part of a film study(working towards AS 90850: Show understanding of specified aspect(s) of studied visual or oral text(s), using supporting evidence), the poem ‘The Deer’ as practice for AS 90851: Show understanding of significant aspects of unfamiliar written text(s) through close reading, using supporting evidence, and the ‘Ghost Chips’ ad as a model for AS 90854:Form personal responses to independently read texts, supported by evidence. The unit also contains ideas or starters for formal and creative writing opportunities.

English 90852 1.8 Connections across texts 1

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