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Tackling Teen Vaping: Strategies for Schools (2024)

On 12 June, 2024 Tūturu hosted a webinar regarding how schools can approach the issue of youth vaping. 

Alongside Tūturu staff Tumokai Morgan and Annabel Prescott, the webinar featured Senior Health Researcher from University of Otago, Jude Ball and senior leaders from YouthLaw, Sarah Guy and Darryn Aitchison. 

The webinar discussed vaping legislation, health implications and a range of initiatives that schools are implementing to ensure students are able to stay in school while being supported to change their vaping behaviour.

The webinar also discussed:

  • Why daily vaping in adolescents suddenly shot up from 2019.
  • Youth perspectives on vaping benefits and harms.
  • Addiction and withdrawal.
  • Evidence about the harm of school exclusion.
  • Policy context – recent changes and likely upcoming changes to vaping regulations including possible legalisation of oral nicotine products.

You can watch a replay of the webinar below:

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