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Creating a student wellbeing framework

Use this facilitation guide and example to help create a student wellbeing framework for your school.

Creating your approach in collaboration with students ensures its relevance, and helps your taiohi develop leadership, collaboration, facilitation, communication, and strategy skills. Increasing student participation, connectedness, and contribution also helps reduce substance abuse (Fletcher, Bonell, & Hargreaves, 2008). 

There are many ways to get your students involved in your work. Your Tūturu Team could join forces with students to develop a wellbeing framework for your school. That framework might identify what young people need from school to live healthy and successful lives and the actions your school can take to help. One idea is for student leaders to be supported to run workshops with their classmates - exploring, validating, and refining these ideas? Are there out of class activities which students could co-create, or participate in? 

Additional resources 

Workshop facilitation guide: Creating a student wellbeing framework

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