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What is Tūturu?

Tūturu is a uniquely Aotearoa approach that brings schools and health services together, so that students can learn, be well, and be prepared for a modern world.


Schools are ecosystems of learning and support that can help all students achieve and get support quickly and easily.

Tūturu helps by aligning:

  • What students experience in the school environment that helps them to develop.
  • The critical thinking skills students learn through the resources we produce.
  • How students are supported at school when issues arise.
  • How professional services provide additional support to schools.
  • How the wider community of school, whānau, and services help students lead healthy, successful lives.

And working together in new ways to create solutions for the gap between schools and health services.

See the below video to find out more: 

Why does Tūturu exist?

Tūturu exists to help schools and health services better support all students to learn and be well.

An independent evaluation by the New Zealand Council for Educational Research found that Tūturu "has changed the focus from punitive to pastoral."

Tūturu uses the expertise of the education and health sectors to explore complex issues. We started with a focus on alcohol and other drugs to help schools move towards approaches that prepare all students for modern life, shifting away from approaches that end up avoiding or reacting to issues.

How to use the Tūturu approach?

Start where it makes sense to you and your school community. We can tailor how we help you to fit what you need.

The common ways for people to work with us are:

  1. Selecting the resources you need. We can help you use and tailor any of these resources for your context. 
  2. Attending Tūturu learning sessions. We host regular learning sessions, using our wide network of health and education experts.
  3. Partnering with us for a more comprehensive plan. We help you create a tailored plan and work with you to implement it. You can also access an activity fund to help implement actions, and have access to our wide networks of health and education experts as we further develop Tūturu.

Who is involved with Tūturu?

Tūturu involves a network of schools and health services, led by the New Zealand Drug Foundation. It is overseen by the Ministry of Education, Te Whatu Ora (Health NZ), NZ Police, and Te Hiringa Hauora.

It was developed by and for Aotearoa schools and services. Eleven schools and five health services were involved in the pilot. Now that the pilot has been completed, we are partnering with more schools and health services across Aotearoa.

Tūturu is funded by Te Whatu Ora and the Ministry of Education. It has also received funding previously from Te Hiringa Hauora, and the Proceeds of Crime Fund. 

Tūturu is grounded in evidence

The Tūturu approach is based on the latest evidence of what provides the best wellbeing outcomes for students at school. We undertake regular and rigorous reviews and evaluations of Tūturu to measure our successes and identify opportunities for development.

Read our evaluation, and see a selection of the evidence and research we used to create Tūturu.

Read our Theory of Change which we developed with the New Zealand Council for Educational Research.

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