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Tūturu Induction 2023: The team is growing

News 13 March 2023

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In early March, Tūturu held its first ever provider induction in Wellington.

Last year, Tūturu moved beyond its pilot phase, hiring additional staff and signing contracts with regional health providers to work directly with schools throughout the mōtu. 

The two-day hui brought together senior leaders and "Tūturu champions" from five partner health providers from Ōtepoti Dunedin, Ōtatahi Christchurch, Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington, Waikato and Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. The induction provided an overview of the multiple strands of Tūturu work and created space for attendees to share knowledge and experiences to progress or strengthen Tūturu mahi in their area.

Tūturu champions Jayne Bazely (Odyssey Waikato), Leigh Hogg (Odyssey Christchurch), Corey Tau (Odyssey Auckland), Kim Gotlieb (Mirror Services Dunedin)

Tūturu Operations Manager, Tumokai Morgan, says the event was a milestone achievement that created a sense of optimism and shared vision for the future.

"The kaupapa of Tūturu resonates on both a personal and professional level," he said. "The foundational learning will no doubt create a solid foundation for Tūturu Leads to pursue this kaupapa in their own spaces and places."

Tūturu Operations Manager, Tumokai Morgan

During the induction, Tūtur senior leadership provided success factors for Tūturu at a service level, while existing Tūturu Leads provided insights for new leads on how to engage with schools and adapt the approach based on the audience.

Tūturu Learning and Development Director Dr. Annabel Prescott highlighted the importance of Tūturu's unique approach in empowering young people for a modern world. "In unprecedented times, the importance of schools as a protective factor in the lives of young people is well-aligned with Tūturu kaupapa," she said.

"We are excited about working with these organisations and the learnings we will gain about this kaupapa, ultimately to ensure young people are excited and hopeful about their future."

Learning and Development Director, Dr. Annabel Prescott

 Over the next several months, Tūturu is looking at on-boarding several additional health providers, to expand our reach into additional parts of the country.

Tūturu crew members Tumokai Morgan, Annabel Prescott and Feilidh Dwyer

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